Shoot me now: Jersey Shore Shark Attack


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CURSE YOU! I thought that this was news that someone of the cast was attacked by a shark! You made me enter a thread about this!?


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As a Native New Jersey-ite,
I think feeding Snooki to a shark would be an awful thing to do the shark.


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"Jersey Shore Shark Attack is from Hybrid Entertainment and will air on Syfy next summer."

Well, there went my hopes.


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Does anyone know the original title for JS was "Guido's"? Im proud to say ive never seen or had an itch to watch the show and any picture ive seen of the cast members has made me chuckle a bit. If the movie is half a funny as the cast looks, I may well watch it.


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Sharks vs. Sopranos. Fugeddaboutit. No - how *you* doin'?

Guidos. Yeah, some people felt it was a derogatory term for the locust-swarm of "culchad" people that that hit the Jersey coast every summer. Newsflash: it *is* a derogatory term!



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I saw the preview for this while I was watching Super Shark. I consider Super Shark a contender for an Academy Award compared to this movie.
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