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Hey folks! First time poster, but I wanted to share my Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider suit. This is my second sewing project ever, and was so much fun to make. I started sewing in early March, and Avengers Endgame was my deadline. Needless to say, I made it, and wore it to opening night.

The fabrics are Parallel Life Studios screen printed spandex.
The face shell and lenses are from Iwanonakaos
The pattern is McLean Kreiger's TASM2, altered to better fit me and the design
The Spider emblems were modelled and 3D printed by me through Shapeways in TPU

I was inspired by Insomniac Games version of the suit, so that is where the multiple shades of red come from.

Hope you enjoy!

I still need to add soles to the feet and redo a few of the seams, but all in all I am happy with how it turned out.


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Doesn't look like any of the links work there.

Super interested to see it though. Cause I love the Insomniac Scarlet Spider.


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So it's been entirely long, but the suit has been updated. I added new emblems from TJack FX which really helped the suit pop. I'll probably do a full V2 sometime, but wanted to share pics here as well.


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