Shine on black spandex?


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So I've ran into a complication with my spidey suit.
The head area needs to be chopped off so that I can make a separate mask .
I found some spandex that is the same color however it is matte and the black on my suit shines a tiny bit.
Is there something I can spray on to give it a shine?


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You're probably best off finding a matching fabric, I can't think of anything that wouldn't inhibit the stretch of the fabric. Not sure if any one else has some ideas though
Google shiny tricot spandex black fabric and you should have lots of options.

As far as anything "spray on", I highly doubt it. Probably nothing that wouldn't become a mess after washing/stretching, anyway.


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I asked someone at the fabric store I bought it at and he said there was something but it was called scotch something
i forgot the exact name because he had a pretty strong accent. any ideas?