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Ha i would like for some hunters from the hunter lair to come to SHEVACON as a fan group. If u would like to contact me please i can go over every thing asap its in FEB.
I was at ShevaCon last year with the mando mercs and I'll be there again this time, and I'll be in my pred suit.
HA thats great. can u get some more frinds to come if so i can get u a great price for up to 6 it will only be 25.00 per person and 5 free badges. Deadline is the 31 of dec. You also get a one fan table and one panel if u cofirm. Just email matt at and he will give u the rest of the details. I would love to see som pred in person. I have ben wonting to get a outfit for a long time. Im also with the 501 so if know where i can get a mask un panted lit me know as well and thank u.
Well I'll be with the mando mercs again this year so I will already be getting their discount. And as far as I know, I'm the only pred around these parts.
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