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Hey guys, I'm kinda new here, but i plan on getting together a costume group for the new Holmes for D*C 2012. I've been scouring the interwebs for images of the new cast members and some of the costumes of Holmes and Watson. So far it's led to little to no luck on much so far. If anyone has any good images, please post them.

For myself, I plan on doing the Gypsy costume. It sorta reminds me a bit of Angelica Teach from Pirates 4, with some victorian twists. So far, this is what I've been able to come up with for two of her main outfits:

-Tops - One is dark velvet(?) with embroidery and what looks like little mirrors(?). the other looks like a white peasant blouse, but most of the pics show is covered by both a burnt-orange vest with yellow-gold trim and a dark jacket.
-Skirts - One is a light blue-grey(? hard to tell in the smokey photo) linen with horizontal rows of ribbon, trim and possibly lace. The other is a multi-colour more flowy skirt, more like a what one might call "typical gypsy" with it' colours and style.
-Boots - In one picture it looks like brown and black Victorian boots, and the other it looks like knee high (at least) slouchy brown boots, very much more modern.
-Hair - This really reminds me of Angelica. Dark Brown, sorta wavy, sorta disheveled with tiny braids and "pirate-like" trinkets interspersed. She sometimes where's a slouchy tan looking hat with the brim turned up.
-Accessories - In the poster, it looks like she's got either a chunky necklace or a scarf round her neck and a knife(?) in her hand. Big gypsy earrings. Possibly a pendant necklace with either a monocle(?) or a looking glass in it.

I'm loving her look, and I can't wait to see more pictures of her once they're released!
Does anyone else feel that the complaints about Holmes in the first movie changed how they dressed him in the second?
I noticed that in the second movie he was dressed very normal and period, whereas in the first movie he was constantly dressed eclectically and bohemian.
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