shedinja scientific display model (bit of a newbie)

Aresh Septango

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I've started planning out a project for a scientific display of the pokemon shedinja, and am a bit new to all of this so I'm looking for some advice

some pics of the specimen


its basically a cicada shedding with a halo and the tears making wings

I'm trying to make a 10 inch replica with a display stand. trying to make the chitin thin, and like a real cicada husk and the halo of a milky white metal

not sure what materials to use to achieve my goal, was thinking of using a thin plastic and paint, perhaps heat shaped soda bottle bits (I tend to think in found materials, heh)
and have no idea on the halo, ideally it would be light enough to suspend on magnets

I have about $50-100 to spend, as well as my own material

any input or questions would be helpful, thank you
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Can't wait to see the end result. Probably best you didn't do his 'real' 2 foot tall sizing. Look forward to updates!
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