SHE-RA Sword of Protection


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Hello ALL,


Ok, so, My wife is one of the BIGGEST SHE-RA Fans and really wants to be SHE-RA next year for Comic CON 2012 so instead of waiting till the last minute like alot of people i know, I got her costume right away, But it seems there is no OFFICIAL SHE-RA Swords out there:cry!!! Granted I did see quite a few "Homemade" SHE-RA Swords online from other cosplayers, and some were rather good, and others, not so much. But still, none are available out there unless you make one yourself. :( Really?!! My Wife wanted to be more of a MOVIE version of SHE-RA, which would be a bit more detailed than the FILMATION Cartoon version, so we also decided to go this direction with the Sword....

So I give you......SHE-RA's Sword of Protection!!!!!

Professionally Desined & Machine cut, this wooden rendition of SHE-RA's Sword is truly remarkable in person. Chromed the Blade, Added Detailing, Grey Leather wrapped handle, and also features the Blue Crystals of Protection in place shinning with even a little light in the room. A Big Diamond sits at the end of the handle of the Sword and is roughly 35 inches in length.

This GORGEOUS SHE-RA SWORD is displayed in her office and featured on an Eternian Plaque that mixes the ancient with technology, a Purple LED lighting effect which looks amazing in the DARK as well!!!! The Display also features SHE-RA's Headpiece displayed at the Base in front of the Sword to add to the piece. Overall, We are very happy with the result.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
SHE-RA will be featuring this SWORD at COMIC CON 2012!!:love

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Thanks ALOT guys!!!
Oh and it has a little weight to it but not bad at only 2 lbs.

The costume is on its way now that the Sword is out of the way, which is a shame they didn't mass produce these, i bet ALOT would have sold!
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