She-Hulk and Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) costumes!!!!


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Hi all,

Ok, so ive done a few female Avengers costumes already, but as it is, im running out of time, with still a war machine suit to complete by Halloween. So I was wondering, could anybody direct me to a website that sells a convinsing Spider Woman suit as well as a She Hulk swim suit?



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bump, anyone?

i found a leotard on ebay and im probably going to sew some purple fabric on it. hopefully ill be able to make halloween. additionally, im gonna use a green zentai body suit and see whether it'll suit my friend.

ive seen some spiderwoman suits as well, but im not sure if its good quality. once again, it is zentai. but the mask is not a full mask, where you can only see the mouth and nose area but just a simple mask that covers the forehead and eyes.

any suggestions?


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