Shawshank Redemption, The (1994) – Cross Stitch Prop Pattern – His Judgment Cometh and That Right Soon

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Greetings Propmasters and Shawshank Redemption fans,

A couple years ago, I took-on the painstaking efforts of recreating the famous Hero cross stitch prop that conceals the wall safe in Warden Norton's office in The Shawshank Redemption (1994). Originally stitched by a local artisan from Mansfield, Ohio – where the movie was filmed – there were not many available resources beyond movie stills for me to reference. Yet, as a Shawshank fan from Columbus, OH (just under a couple of hours away from Mansfield), and having visited and even stayed overnight in the prison on more than one occasion, I knew this was a project I'd eventually have to take on.

Armed with some prior experience in cross stitching (and migraine-inducing levels of attention to detail), I knew that I had to first chart the cross stitch pattern so that I could accurately recreate this prop. It took well over 6 hours of r/d and intensive studying of movie stills to chart the pattern itself, and many more hours of hand-stitching and custom framing on top of that. Ultimately, I ended up with what I would consider to be a perfect recreation of this now-famous, ironically-placed Hero prop.

Considering that I now have my own complete replica cross-stitch of this favorite prop (plus another that I've started working on – message if interested), I have no issues with offering my pattern to any of you who would like to create your own replica. I have offered and sold many of these instantly-downloadable patterns on my Etsy shop for over a year, and at a reasonably-low price when you consider what's included (.pdf pattern/DMC thread color indicator/necessary information regarding Aida cloth thread count/dimensions/etc.) I simply have no more personal use for the pattern itself, and I gain nothing out of keeping it only to myself. Please just keep in mind that this pattern is my own intellectual property (considering that the original artisan only stitched one and I have personally/painstakingly hand-charted this pattern), so you may not share or distribute my pattern or mass produce/offer for sale any completed stitches that were created using it. That seems fair of me to ask. As a new RPF Premium Member, I just wanted to share this resource with this community of talented craftsmen and artisans who might otherwise needlessly spend as much work as I did trying to recreate this pattern from scratch.

Wishing you all the best, and hoping you all enjoy a very happy and memorable holiday season!

Shawshank Pattern Sample.png
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