Shaunn's "Survival Coat" made for Peter Naumann

Shaunn Lawrence

New Member
Thankfully? I had a 3-week access to several costumes from the Paramount Lock-up thanks to the generous help of the guys at "Super Collector" down in Orange County, Calif...back in 1998.

Amongst the costumes in there possession was Shatner's "Survival Coat".

I was allowed to take measurements, and Patterns off of the Original Costume, which I had seen on the set, back in 1981...but? I didn't like how they looked on the actors at the time, so I foolishly did not take any costuming notes of them at the time. The stupidity of youth!

Because several months later..on the screen these coats looked FABBBBULOUS! So? Thankfully? I got to take the kind of notes I refused to do some 17 years earlier. Anyway? These coats are NOT easy to make!

Unless you are a "Master Class Costumer", or ? A "SERIOUSLY ADVANCED- TAILOR/Seamstress"? This Coat will certainly make you wish you had NEVER attempted it.

There are over 98 pieces to each "Survival Coat"! LOTS of work!

The quilting has to be done in advance to prevent improper puckering, there are facing, sub-facings, and partial assembly's that must be made, as the Coat is assembled. It is a Major Undertaking.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Shaunn
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