Shaun the Sheep - Help Request


Hello all!

My wife had the excellent idea of costuming as Shaun the Sheep this year for Halloween. She wants to buy clothes that look similar, however, given my penchant for over-complicating things, I thought it would be awesome to make the costumes look as close to the clay models as possible.

The problem: I have absolutely no idea how to do this.

If you guys have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Shaunthesheep.jpg Farmer.png Bitzer.png Timmy-teddy.png
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Looking forward to your build! Yey for Shaun!

I'd say styrofoam, eva foam, cardboard or papermache for the head might be your best option. Perhaps you could skin it with some strechy fabric and then paint it with airbrush? For the farmers clothes perhaps just foam mats or something similar?


So I think I'll go with eva foam. Should be easy enough given the rather simple shape of his head. The hardest part for me is deciding which method to use to get the curve of the top of his head.


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I do all my stuff like that with upholstery foam and fleece, gives the nice round, soft shapes and a fuzzy feel that might be just what you're after! If you want a step-by-step look at how I do it then you can check out my Space Pope thread, and I'm very happy to give pointers on how it all works :)
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