Shaun of the Dead - Foree Electric Badge


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I'm making up a Shaun of the Dead Foree Electric badge for ComicCon and though I've cleaned up a screencap, I would like to get the actual font and make it correctly.

Can anyone identify the font used? Thanks.

P.S. I've antiqued a cricket bat as well. I'll post pics of the conversion once it is finished.

Capt MarVell

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Futura Heavy is the closest match I've found so far. The angles on the e's is the tipoff. "Foree Electric" seems to be a little bit heavier, though, so it might be DemiBold. I'm sure it's been horizontally scaled; I don't think it's an actual condensed font. Look at the capital E - the vertical is thinner than the horizontals. I set some type in Illustrator to compare and it's pretty close. It's out of the Futura family or a clone.



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looks to me like the entire image of the badge has been squashed horizontally, the ID is far too square looking.


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<div class='quotetop'>(dr_slurpee @ Jul 11 2006, 08:42 PM) [snapback]1279099[/snapback]</div>
looks to me like the entire image of the badge has been squashed horizontally, the ID is far too square looking.
Yes, the above screencap is squashed. I pulled up the wrong one. This one might be better.

I'll try out the fonts mentioned above and post the results is I don't mangle them too badly.

Thanks for the help.


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Saw this and thought I'd post my own badge I made for a freind a year or so back for a Halloween party. 2 variations, 1 to be printed as 1 badge, the other with 2 pieces, and the score marks for cutting out the rectangle so the name can go under it. I think on his I printed them on heavy card stock and laminated them in 2 parts, then put the whole thing together on a double pin back. Font was Futura MD Bold. Forgive the crappy picture, this is of a leftover printoff I had in a storage folder. I'd be more than happy to send you the PDF if you'd like it. A quick little prop, easy and fun, and a great movie.



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Thanks for posting your version. Of course I had already gone ahead and played with my version bbefore i saw it.

I looked at some fonts and went with "Avenir Next Condensed Bold". I compressed the font a bit in photoshop and toyed with the ends of the S's and C's to get the angles approximate. I'm pretty happy with it even though I can still see plently of small flaws. It will be more than good enough for my costume.