Shaun of the Dead - Cricket Bat


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One of my goals for the DFW Prop Party was to build and bring something new that was a little outside of my normal interest.

I happened into one of the local CCA (Christian Community Action) stores that was next door to a Harbor Freight. CCA is similar to a Goodwill store.

While looking in the sporting goods section, I saw a CRICKET BAT. The first thing that popped into my head was "Shaun of the Dead". So a week later at the Prop Party, I had this!



Quick rundown on the build
The bat was originally white with red and blue graphics, so I stripped and sanded the entire bat.

I rubbed the bat with linseed oil and walnut brown express strain to get the aged warm finish.

The graphic was next on the list. The original was stamped or burned into the bat based on some pictures I found of vintage bats from the same manufactor.



I decided that I did not have the time, skill, or tools to burn or stamp the graphic, so I opted to transfer the graphic using a laser (toner) copy and Acrylic Gel Medium.

Here is the graphic I created based on the vintage bat and screen caps.



Once transfered, I distressed the graphic with a brass wire brush. Then used black athletic tape on the handle and splashed on some red acrylic paint for blood.



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Stumbled on his - and in reading how you made this, realized I knew that CCA and Harbor Freight - they happen to be close to where I live, chance of finding another cricket bat there is slim. My teen is going to Comic Con at Dallas Convention Center for 1st time at end of month 5/29/15 as Shaun of Dead, wondering if you still have this and if you would have any interest in selling or renting out.


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I have a bat that I made for Halloween last year. I couldn't find a cricket bat. So I scratch built this from a hunk of old oak I had laying around. I'd be willing to loan it out if you are willing to pay the shipping back and forth (and maybe send me a little souvenir from comic con) Send me a message if you are interested. 20150518_185458.jpg


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thanks for offer - where are you at depends on shipping cost can you send me your zip approximate dimensions and weight so I can figure out.


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5 pounds, 36"x6"x3", coming from 44024. I did a quick calculation shipping to Dallas, priority 2 day with $100 insurance would be about $15-$20.
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yes interested if you would be okay with packing up - if you have pay pal acct I could send you $ for shipping here and then I would cover shipping back.


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Just got an amazing boxset on 4K and wanted to do a little found this 15" bat (made for autographs) and hoping to recreate...

The only issue I have is no printer so might try hand drawing the graphics

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