Shared stunt blade attachment question


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image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgHey guys

I've got a stunt saber question I'm working on designing both these practice stunts for my collection and I found out through someone here that wood was used for ESB fencing rehearsals before filming started. My question is how would you attach the practice wood blade to the luke/obi shared stunt that prowse, Anderson and Hamill use in these photos? It's a thick wooden blade and looks a bit thicker than the shared stunts neck section do it couldn't have gone in past the bottom of the emitter. Question is how did they attach the wood blade in the emitter ? It had to of just went in the emitter as it's to thick to go any further. Did they have a metal sleeve round the base do the blade to set/secure into the emitter? Or did they simply just insert the wood blade inside the emitter and set screw it in the emitter ? Blades way to thick for it to sit in neck

What do you guys think?

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