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I have looked through most of the entirety of the General Modeling section at a glance, for buildings and such. I am in need of some good inspiration for model architecture of any sort really.

If you are willing, post an image and link to whatever awesome structure you have built here or otherwise. Preference for "buildings" but that can be broad.

I should probably kick it off with images of my own. These are not related to cinema other than inspiration, my path with this forum always crosses in the form of modelling in general, because even taking out the context of movie modeling this is the best board on the internet for skill and creativity.

But here are some of mine. I enjoy making these buildings for photgraphy and am always looking for cool new things to make for photography backdrops. I hope it is ok to start posting occasionally, because you all are indeed such a huge inspiration for what I do.









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As I don't have any of the building I want to build done yet, here are some of the ones on my list:

The Cracovian Szkieletor
more here, and on

some cool Communist Space Stuff - Ministry of Road Transport, Tbilisi, Georgia (country), 1975 by Georgy V. Chakhava

and a recently acquired flier

You also might want to visit Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic for some gothic gore

And in general Art Nouveau and Secesion
hope this helps
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