Shapeways Plastic: thickness


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Hey guys, I recently got some 3D prints from shapeways and I was wondering how I could thicken up the print since its really super thin and flexible.


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You'd have to thicken the walls in 3d modeling software like 3ds max or blender, unless you can get it printed in a more rigid material.


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You could always something like fiberglass resin (epoxy resin) or a casting mater like SmoothCast 300 (polyurethane resin). The only thing to keep in mind is that both of those cure by an exothermic chemical reaction, so you neat to watch out for heat. If the material is too thin, the resins could cause warping to the piece, Another Alternative is to just mold the piece as is, and cast copies of them (assuming that it is at least strong enough to retain it's shape with the silicone on it).


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with the fiberglass resin, would it be able to bond properly to the material or is there a possibility of it eating through it?
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