Shadowrun Doc wagon card (platinum)

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    They were giving these out to people who funded like 60.00 to the kickstarter, i couldn't justify it for the card so thanks to Epilepticsquirrel who cleaned it up. I got one for my character that just needs a pic of him once i get it done. I'm not sure if the original is meant to be on frosted plastic to look platinum or if it would be a platinum credit card blank.
    There are several levels that are offered in game so you could change the backgrounds.


    Cleaned up for my character:

    This one is for you guys. I suggest using photoshop to add the credit card numbers. The fonts are easy to find online.

    Now i just need to figure out what Shadowrun credsticks look like.
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    The Font is a slightly modified "OCR A Standard." Basically they typed it out and scaled it horizontally by about 10%

    Enjoy :thumbsup

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