Shadowdale Creations Ripping people off still in 2012

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by exusiai, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. exusiai

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    To Whom it may concern;

    I am writing on behalf of a friend who ordered from SDC On November 4th 2011.

    It is currently April 17th 2012, it has been 164 Days since she placed her order with no further communication as to where her order is, or when if ever she will receive it.

    As a general rule, if you see the name Shadowdale Creations. RUN
  2. Apollo

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    They are known as thieves on this and other forums :unsure
  3. defstartrooper

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  4. Funky

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    Yup. That's why we got rid of them a long time ago.
  5. Arwyniel

    Arwyniel Well-Known Member

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    Not to belittle your much warranted frustration, but her wait hasn't been as long as typical with them. I waited a year and 3 months for my item. (Before I ordered, was told a 4 month wait.) Someone else ordered the exact same thing a month after me and they got theirs before I got mine. They do beautiful work, but I'll never deal with them again. They cannot be trusted.
  6. PrimoOptimoso

    PrimoOptimoso Well-Known Member

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    In this day and age of readily available information, word-of-mouth sharing, and all manner of legal precedents, HOW exactly does a company who does that sort of thing not get shuttered, sued, burned down or jailed?? I mean, it's one thing if it's a single hobbyist who can't keep up - that's a whole separate can of worms - but when you're presenting yourselves as a business... the mind boggles.
  7. 137th Gebirg

    137th Gebirg Well-Known Member

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    Heh...ask :)

    Sometimes rebranding is all it takes to get a clean start.

    Reminds me of the headache I dealt with over Universal Armorer and a BSG TOS Colonial Warrior's jacket. I've lost track of how many times that creep changed his company name - and his country of operation.
  8. exusiai

    exusiai New Member

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    As of today we have a Tracking number with a Delivery date of May 17th.
  9. WinstonWolf359

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    Now pray it fits. After my waits the tunic I received wasn't even close to the measurements I gave.
  10. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Yep shoddy work some people were LUCKY to get
  11. h3pilot

    h3pilot Active Member

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    They have taken peoples money and NEVER delivered?
  12. nwjedidave

    nwjedidave Sr Member

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    I guess I was lucky? I had a first season TOS Trek tunic made (with some ultra rare original'ish velour fabric) and it came out better than I had expected, and it wasn't too long of a wait. This was a handful of years ago.
  13. SmilingOtter

    SmilingOtter Master Member

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    The theory is that they started out making good stuff, in a reasonable time frame. Unfortunately, their popularity outpaced their ability to deliver, and rather than turn away business, they took the customers' money and added them to the list. The phrase "the faster I go, the behinder I get" seems to apply in this case.

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