Shaak Ti (BCN based) EVA Foam Build


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I wanted to come on and share my final Shaak-Ti costume that I wore on Saturday for Star Wars Day at the Barcelona Comic Con aka Salo del Comics). I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now and took a lot of encouragement from other people´s thread so I am now repaying the karma. thank you for being an awesome forum.


everything is handmade by me - totally budget was less than $100 (we cosplay as a family of 4 so budget is tight) - the rest of the family can be found on our facebook page

My Headpiece is made with L200/Eva foam that I carved and shaped and sanded for many hours of hell... I am trying to organise my photos so will edit this post to add them in.

again - huge thanks to everyone on here for sharing their knowledge,