Sgt. Fang still around?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by DeanPJedi, May 7, 2012.

  1. DeanPJedi

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    I used to talk with him on instant messenger but it's been years. He had some good deals on resin castings that would be nice display projects for stuff I want but on tighter budget. I know I used to see him on here when lurking too. He did sell a ton of blanks cheap and with high order volume who knows if he stopped due to burnout or something. I shouldn't speculate though. I hope this is appropriate. I did a search but wanted a most recent update as possible to be 100% sure and go from there.

    Looking forward to finally posting here. Once our second baby is born in November I will have two in diapers so trying to enjoy my time on projects before big slow down lol
  2. JBReplicas

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    have you tried PM'ing him on here?
  3. Cpl Potter

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    i had been wondering the same thing. hadnt seen him on here in a long while , i just checked his page and he was here today a little after noon
  4. DeanPJedi

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    I was going to pm him but I got out of hobby years ago and I'd rather make sure people aren't waiting a year for orders. In general I mean, not fang himself. These days I work on less but finished work is rewarding and superior to my amassing a collection rather than slowly creating my own museum in my home. Maturity probably changed that. I'm being more careful to just throw money out there as even people with good reps can take on too much. It helps I sculpt my own when needed and don't commission anymore besides kits I need.

    So I guess I am curious if recent orders went well.

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help!
  5. Treadwell

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    I've wondered about him as well. I'm still waiting to hear what happened with the mooching relatives who were coming over!

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