Sgt. Candy Terminator bust W.I.P.


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Doing this one for a collector in Denmark. I created the battle damaged skin on this guy with my dremel. He didn't want a plain Jane Arnold



Base coated the first coat



Too Much Garlic

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Very realistic skin tone - looks like real skin - and nice progress so far.

I would however suggest to alter the shape of the inner eye corner near the nose. That pinkish flap seems to be way too exaggerated - it could do with a little trimming down, which would also show more of the white of the eye in that area.

From the title of the thread I was sorta expecting to see the character from the cut scene, with beret and all.


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I'm not saying this to be mean but I think the skin color looks great but the scars.....not so much. They look fake, maybe too much red (blood) around the wounds. Maybe you could add another color onto it to make it less reddish.
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