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    Hi guys and Gals...:lolI am new to this forum but would like to share some of the projects I have under go right now.
    The first is the scratch build of the Delta Flyer....its my first attempt at scratch building anything and the only reason I am building it is to add it to my second project, my 12' Diorama that I am constantly changing. The diorama was started to keep sticky fingers off the screen of my third project, my Star Trek themed Home Theater. The fourth project, which I started at Christmas (2011) is the construction of the AMT U.S.S. Defiant. This project will also find a spot in the theater. Below I have included the photobucket links to each of the projects...or you can look at them all, by viewing my albums once you get there. Please feel free to give suggestions or comments on any or all of the builds.

    Delta Fyer:
    Delta Flyer Scratch Build pictures by Sgt_Angel1 - Photobucket

    12' Diorama:
    12 Foot Star Trek Diorama pictures by Sgt_Angel1 - Photobucket

    Home Theater:
    Pictures by Sgt_Angel1 - Photobucket

    USS Defiant:
    USS Defiant Build pictures by Sgt_Angel1 - Photobucket

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