Sewing Question??? (Captain America TWS)

Alright so I have yet to actually call the seamstress/tailor businesses around town about this matter yet, I will though but I wanted to get some opinions from y'all too haha

I'm thinking about making a Captain America suit from TWS, I've got the fabric I need and I've also made custom freehand templates for the different pieces of the costume. I'm doing it in a sort of unorthodox way, I didn't actually make sewing patterns, just templates, i.e. flat shapes on poster paper; they also don't factor in any curvature like sewing patterns have to account for, they're all flat pieces but when put together will look pretty dang close to being screen-accurate. It's a two-layer system. For example, in the torso I've planned to have a simple undershirt as an inner layer, and the outer layer consisting of a chest piece, ab piece, and side pieces; the chest and abs connect directly but there are gaps in the middle of the ab piece and between the ab and side pieces, where I'll add straps, for the strap-like details seen in the actual movie suit. I hope all that makes sense haha, just trying to describe what I've got in mind

I made them this way partly because I wanted to see if I could do it no-sew; I would draw the shapes on the fabric, trace the lines with no-fray glue stuff, then cut the pieces cut and hot glue them all together at pre-determined joining sites. I found this didn't really work out like I wanted it to though when I tested this method on a few small pieces because 1. the cut edges were very flat and lacking definition, sewing would give them more detail and really make them look better, and 2. it turned out that extra hot glue got everywhere and ruined the fabric

So I was wondering, is it possible to instead cut out my pieces with a certain size border to allow for sewing, and then get a seamstress/tailor to sew the seams to stop them from fraying? And once that was done could I ask the seamstress/tailor to connect the pieces by sewing as well? Of course I would put a dot of glue here and there to loosely connect the pieces so they would have an idea how to actually sew it together. Would a tailor/seamstress even be open to doing that kind of thing, and if they were, would it be really expensive? I think it's good cause I've already got the fabric and templates, and I cut out all the pieces, it's like I do all the work except for the sewing. I'd like to only have to pay like below $75 for a seamstress/tailor to do this, best case scenario like $50

I would sew it myself but I don't wanna buy a sewing machine, and I don't have the patience to take the time to learn how to sew something this complex haha. I'm going to ask around the businesses in town but I wanted to see what y'all's "2 cents" on this would be

Kevin Gossett

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You'll be hard pressed to find any professional that will do that amount of work for so little money. A full suit will take hours to complete, and you're asking them to do it for minimum wage.


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Buy a cheep sewing machine, pull your patterns from a 'known" garment or draw on a t-shirt, and then get to sewing.

In the end it will cost less and get you a suit faster.


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If you don't like to sew you are better off to buy a Cosplaysky suit or similar and then have a local tailor alter it to fit better, This will cost you less and fit into your desire to not buy a sewing machine. Get the belt, pouches and harness from one of the venders on here as well as the helmet and you would be in pretty good shape. If you want a custom suit sewn to your measurements you should add a "0" to the end of the numbers you posted earlier.


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Unfortunately your templates don't sound like the compensate for fitting you properly. If they are just straight templates then, they may not fit you properly. Even if (and for that price is a big if) you find some to sew it. It most likely wouldn't fit you.

Patterns are not easy to draft. Shoulders have curves so that they fit properly and allow for movement. I high recommend Fly4v's advice. Buy a cheap sewing machine and pull your patterns off of know garments that you know fit you.
Thanks for the advice everyone, I like some of these ideas! I guess I can be kinda stubborn sometimes, which doesn't always work well with cosplay haha! I think I'm gonna contemplate how I want to finish this build and go with one of y'all's suggestions


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My tailor works for Cirque du Soleil and worked on the spiderman suits for TASM.
She charges 200$, which is dirt cheap for her skillset.
Maybe try looking in your town for a circus troup or an theater group and see if anyone would be willing
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