Sewing A Spider-Man Costume


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I've been working on my own pattern, and am close to being done with it. I'll be getting it printed very soon, but have no idea how to sew! I actually have a sewing machine, but have never used it. So basically I'm wondering how hard it is to sew together a whole Spidey suit, would I be able to with a little practice? Or is it something that you'd need to be very skilled to do? If it's something that i probably can't do myself, is there anyone on here that I can send it to and have it sewn? I could always take it to a local seamstress, but I'd feel more comfortable with someone who has experience with Spider-Man costumes, or at least understands how the webbing should line up and things like that!

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Loaded question. A spandex suit CAN be easier than sewing a regular garment together, but it can also be much harder. It can be difficult if all you have is a regular sewing machine. It can be cake if you have a 4 or 5 spool serger.


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Thanks for the info, honestly I'm not sure what kind of sewing machine it is, so I'll have to check, I'm assuming it's just a regular sewing machine though.


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There is a difference between the types of machines. The standard sewing machine has one spool of thread. The serger has 4 or 5 spools and creates a locking hem. I believe once done its fairly straightforward....


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spandex is a really hard material for a newbie. Just because of the way it bunches and gathers. thats why most learn to sew books have you work with cotton at first. Not only is easier but cheap too so you can buy a lot to practice with.

Send me a PM I know someone who might be able to sew it together. They may still have a few slots open for new projects.
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