Several builds/work area/New Iwata Air brush/ compresor!!


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Here is a part of my work area...featuring several build ups


Getting to work on several client builds with my new Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS Air Brush and Smart Jett Plus Iwata Compressor! I can't recommend this set up enough! I wish I had it for my other build-ups. I used it to add more weathering to my TOS Enterprise and am currently finishing up a client's Jupiter 2 Build with it! Thanks to the great Tom Grossman and Tag Team Hobbies!!

As a side note, I am content to let my work speak for itself. Not really into the Video thing...however, due to so many requests, I may start a how to on My build ups.



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Hi Captain. I nearly bought an HP-BCS last night, but the 0.5mm needle turned me off. I've never used an airbrush before so I'm fighting through the vast number of opinions. From your experience are you able to focus to a small point and work on small areas?

I have a gut attraction to siphon fed brushes. Steve Neill uses Paasche siphon brushes, but I don't know the particular model. I know quite a bit of people's preferences are based on personal experience and particulars, but it would be great to hear yours. Consider this another request for a How To on your build ups. Thanks in advance for any comments you have.
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