Serinity - Miranda message card and reader


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Only part missing is the little arms that come up and secure the card to the reader... Too bad they didn't include that.

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Ahh there it is. ...I love that message prop. sure would like to see a replica of it.
Looks like the original has been purchased already


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Silghtly OT-This may have been answered before, if so sorry. Has anyone picked up the rights to licence firefly/serenity props yet? It confuses me, as the people who make the show and movie know there is a market for such things.



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Originally posted by AlltoEasy@Jan 11 2006, 01:33 PM
It confuses me, as the people who make the show and movie know there is a market for such things.

Are you sure there's a market and if so how is it they know?

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I cant believe there isnt more interest in this thread. For me this Message card would be one of the holy grails of Serenity props/replicas. It's the item a great deal of the story depends upon. ....looks damn cool too.
If I had any idea where to start I'd try and make it myself :lol


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I think this is one of the defining props of the movie.

It's instrumental in giving Malcolm Reynolds a purpose to fight again and it becomes the focus of the latter half of the movie.

It's a pretty nifty looking thing as well.

There are only a few props that I would really, really want from Serenity and this is one of them.

It's a very lucky person who picked this one up. ;)



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Originally posted by Adar Tallon@Jan 15 2006, 03:59 AM
I'd buy one if it was the right price. It's a nice looking prop
same here.. :D


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I am totaly surprised that showed up for sale as I had been told the three made for the film were sold off to a junk store for a couple hundred dollars.


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I would still really love to see a run of these done. Does anyone know where any of the originals are now, and if it would be possible to get some one to do a run?