Serenity Ships Document Wallet from Firefly


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Being a Browncoat, I thought that my first project should be something appropriate. In the episode “Safe” Zoe presents the Alliance soldiers with a leather wallet containing the ships documents for Serenity.

There are some awesome paper props being made by Whitefall, one of our new members.

After carefully studying the DVD, I came to a few modifications on the pattern that Whitefall posted of PropCircle. I used 4-5 oz. pre-dyed boot leather, which I didn’t have to dye and I like the overall feel of for the wallet and 18 ga. brass with ¼” chicago screws for the clasp.

I tried to get the folds of the wallet as close as possible to the screen-used one.
With the top margin of the documents cut off, the bottom of the page(s) just make it to the third fold and, as can be seen in the screencaps above, just start to bend upwards.

For the snaps I used ‘24 line’ which are the larger of the two standard sizes. In the photo below I used antique brass finish, but I think in the future I will use a more accurate shiny brass finish.

I have been doing simple leather work for quite a few years, so the technical side of this project was no biggie, however the detective work of getting it just right was quite fun. Please let me know what you think about my results, and if you would like more info on the documents and wallets, please PM me. --jdd


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I have one of the results.. and I love it, the papers really make this standout... and the leather work is amazing.

It's a very welcome addition to my Firefly collection.



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That is some really nice work there. Admittedly, I have seen some of those pics, as I already ordered mine, but this is some great work.

I can't wait to get a hold of mine. :)



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I have sacrificed yet another ½ a cow for the cause, I thought I’d post the pic:

PM me for more info.