Serenity Grenade

Don Jarr

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I actually started making this in 2007 (doesn't time fly when you get distracted with stuff) anyway I always wanted it to flash when open, but had trouble fitting all the bits inside the limited space, and settled for it just being able to open, but after finding a new chum of mine used to have an electronics shop which had since closed, he had loads of stuff on the loft, so was able to sit and go through literally boxes of bits, till I found some that fitted and worked as I wanted.

So now everything fits inside and once open it starts to flash, just as I always wanted

Here are a couple of pictures of it closed and open flashing, (although the flashing is sort of lost in a photo, lol) but gives you an idea.



I also have a page on my website (which I now need to update) showing how I made it. Sure Would Be Nice If We Had Some Grenades, Don'tchya Think?

J Don
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Very nice!

Its a small thing, but that is one of my favorite props. It'll be interesting to see your website when it is finished!
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