Serenity "Better Days" Comic book covers sculpture -Adam Hughes homage


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Hi all,
I'm going to sculpt the three covers for this series in six sections, just to make it manageable for shelf space, and still have all nine characters.
Soooo, Mal will be separate from Zoe and Wash; Jane and Shepherd Book will be together, but separate from Inara; and Kaylee and Simon will be together but separate from River.

For the bases I'd like to reproduce the deck of Serenity's hold, and to have a detailed cross-section look of what's under the deck plating.

I'll be sculpting them in a mixed medium; wax, Sculpy, and styrene plastic.

misc (29).jpg

Hope y'all will like it :)



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I thought Mal would be a good place to start...
Just roughing it out now in wax. The challenge is to walk the tightrope between the comic book look and the likeness of Nathan Fillion! What works in 2D drawings does not always work in 3D. I'm getting a taste of the challenge this project will give me:wacko

Mal sculpt rough head (4).JPG Mal sculpt rough head.JPG

I've figured that the bases will be 5 1/2 inches square, with 6 bases in total. So all together the bases will come to 16 1/2 x 11 inches of shelf space.

I found this helpful simplified drawing with a Google search:

misc (30).jpg

So I'm thinking that Mal by himself will be about 8 inches tall without the base.

Full steam ahead!



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My friend, if this quality of likeness is carried through you will have an incredible piece on your hands. Amazing! Excellent!

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Thanks for the interest!
I'm not sure at this point if I'll do a run or not... the molding and casting will be a nightmare :cry

But if I do go that rout I'll certainly let you know


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Amazing! I am sort of with you up until the last photo and then the magic happens, seemingly all at once! The drapery of the fabrics, in this scale, is really exquisite!

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Re: Serenity "Better Days" Comic book covers sculpture -Adam Hughes homage

Thank you all for the generous compliments! I'm honored, truly.

Some of the fun wit this piece is filling in the gaps where the 2d drawing doesn't show what's going on.
Also, sourcing some of the costumes from the show that help to translate what's going on regarding say, the sides or backs of the characters.

A tough aspect again, like with Mal is the line between realistic portrait and the comic caricature.
I sourced this pic with a google search that helped a lot:

This shot from the show helped oput wit the necklace detail:

The drawin is a little vague with the earrings, but someone posted this shot of a production earring that matched up fairly well:

Here's a little more with some hair stylin' and starting the Chinese fan:

Inara rough.JPG Inara rough (2).JPG Inara rough sculpt (8).JPG Inara rough sculpt (9).JPG

The head shape with the hair looks a little off for me,
What do you all think?


- - - Updated - - -

Oops! Forgot to post this as a comparison for you:
Thanks again :)


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I'm REALLY impressed by these sculptures! You're capturing very nice detail especially given the intricate scale of each figure. I can't wait to see the final piece, I'm sure it'll knock everyone's socks off! :D
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