Serenity-Anyone done it ???


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Been searching but all I found was a not so great small model and a very expensive 19" SS model.

Anyone taken this on yet.


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There is no "SS" that small. This ship was all CG, other than the REALLY HUGE model from the movie.

There's the Big Damn Replica, which is what it says on the box. It's I guess the 19" one you mentioned. (Dang, I thought that thing was supposed to be over 3 feet at some point?)

There is also a quite large - 3 foot-ish - fibreglass kit from a guy called Ron Shanko. Unfortunately there was some drama, in which I'm sorry to say I played a small part. He can't be found around here any more; I know he sold some kits over on SM, don't know if he can still be found there.

If you track one down, study good pictures of it before you buy. Some owners are very happy with theirs but the mastering does not meet everyone's expectations. It may not be your cup of tea.

There are also a couple of nice paper models around the web here and there.


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That SS is really nice but for the price I would want a 3 footer at least like you mentioned. That much for a 19" model is just too much.

Thanks for the info. I guess I will need to wait until someone takes it on again.

It's so weird they did all CG except for the crash scene that they still enhanced with CG.


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If it helps... i have the "this is what it looks like" model they used in the development process, and a movie-shuttle model.



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Building Serenity with any kind of close attention to detail is a MAJOR undertaking. AK took 1-2 YEARS to do his 13" (I think it was) model, which turned out real nice. I actually started work on one what would have been around 25" or so a few years ago- built the rear engine-cone before I decided to wait for the QMx version instead and I'm glad that I did!

People are having mixed reactions to the smaller Qmx version. Some have great copies and others have versions will crooked struts.
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