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I have a question for all The RPF members here I recently found myself in a bit of a financial situation and need to generate some quick cash I'm very seriously thinking about selling off my prop collection I only have a few things but what I do have I have a lot of man-hours and now I know there's no way to justify the amount of hours versus the amount of money but my main question is thishas any other RPF member found themselves in the situation and how did they get out of it did they sell off the props and if so did you regret it later on.I know that's all actually more than just one question

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There have been times I have sold of items of my collection as need the money then. Have regreted a few as couldn't get ones when back on feet. but been lucky in some items items went to collector friends of mine so knew they was going to good home. it's never a good thing but sometimes we need to.


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Back in 2012 Xmas season , I had to pay off med bills and other things, well I sold off all my extra MR items of which were A MR sig Shatner Phaser, 1 1st contact AP phaser, a #d 1st Contact phaser, 2 MR TOS communicators, and extra MR phaser and comm display cases.
Do I regret selling these items, No I do not regret it as I had gotten these for the specific reason on selling if hard times came around .


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Don't have anything quite as nice as that but I am attached to what I do have. Pulse rifle that I built as well as an E 11 blaster made from scratch and three lightsabers in various states of completion. The esb Graflex im really attached to because that was the he prop that got me into propbuilding. I have since sold two over the years. I have a thread here on the rpf about it being a possible Graflex reborn. But in the end it's all material things and you can allways require them again later.


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I have not yet had to sell 'props' per say, but I have been faced with selling off other hobby's items before, and I did regret much of it.
*Disclaimer: I may be demented and a good example of everything 'wrong' with society.

My attitude on this has always been "If you sell your prized possessions to simply 'kick the can' down the road, you will always regret it". What I mean by this is looking at what you need the money for: Groceries/Food? Utilities/Cell phone bills? These are things that will not be "solved" by selling your collection. In a month the food will have been eaten, the next bill will be due, you wont have your once prized possessions, and you certainly won't have the money you got for them. All you did was 'kick the can' down the road for a month and now you have nothing.

I'm not saying food and electricity and stuff like that aren't important, they def are! It is just that your material possessions could last forever and that stuff is very very temporary, so it is not a good trade in my book.

Now, if it is something like a mortgage or car payment, those are even bigger and better possessions that will stick around, so it's a 'good trade' in the long run. They are kind of like trading up and having something to show for it. Also "good trades" are things that keep you sane and healthy (doc bills, staying out of jail, etc).

So like I said, I may be warped, but if the sale of your collection is for "temporary" things, you will definitely regret it. Only sell if you are effectively 'trading up'. If you are just kicking the can, I personally would exhaust every other option possible (for me, that includes Romin noodle meals and switching from Jack Daniels to Henry McKinna ;))
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