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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Mar 6, 2006.

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    normally i dont "review" sellers, or rate em, etc.

    everyone i have dealt with has been pretty cool about getting me my stuff, even if i have to add the word "eventually" to that. hell im guilty of it myself.

    but, today, i got a big surprise.

    on the 3rd (night of the 3rd) i paypal'd dualedge for 4 dvds.

    today, i got em in.

    that, my friends is serious, serious turnaround time.

    that isnt just the whole "*" part of this. the dvds were in a rather big box, and bubble wrapped like crazy. honestly, if it was me, i would have just set the 4 in a row, one layer of bubble wrap, and out the door. simple enough plan to get it there, minimal chance of em going "squish".

    for packing, speed, and even putting a reciept in the box (which, i never do cause i dont want to be the cause of any relationship issues :lol), i gotta rate dualedge an a+. highest 4.0 , 5 star, gold, etc rating i can give.

    even if he would have overnighted them to me via fedex, they would have shown up today, probably a little earlier.

    great turnaround time, awesome packing, and i now have some cool dvds to watch.

    much appreciated man.
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    That's brilliant to hear. It's always nice to hear about people who make that extra effort as it really makes all the difference.

    Can't wait to receive mine now. :)

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