Selina Kyle - Gotham


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I'm working on a costume of Selina Kyle from tv's Gotham but I'm stuck and figured someone here might be able to help me...

It's the bottom half of her trousers I can't work out…
I can't get a good enough photo to work out what is is or what it is made from.
maybe someone here can help?


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Looks almost like square studs covered with leather. So instead of the studs on the outside, they are underneath to give it some texture. Or maybe they actually are on top, and just matte black. Hard to say with the resolution of the pictures.


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Thank you.
Yeah, i swear it seems to change every photo I see of it. It's just there aren't any good photos of it which is a nightmare!


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The first thing that came to my mind upon seeing these photos were leggings, the kind that dancers wore back in the 80's (Think "Flashdance".)