Seinfeld - Kramers Coffee Table Book - HELP?


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I'm trying to find any information on the Coffee Table Book about Coffee Tables:
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Whether it's information on the original prop, or whether someone has replicated it.

Otherwise any ideas on the fonts, photos, etc needed to replicate it.

Any help, info or advice would be appreciated.
I would love a prop copy as well! If you find out any information, please contact me. If not, i might just replicate the cover and create the book myself with information I can find from shows that film the houses.
There were actually books created, but only 325 were made. They come with autographed authenticity and are nothing like the prop itself. I would much prefer paying 100 dollars to have it made like the prop than to have a stuffy clean looking book that doesn't capture the essence of the show. I have also only seen one for sale in my time of looking and it was going for 1100 dollars auction, 5000 buy now on ebay. I believe it is still there is you find that to your liking.
Like I said, if you find any information or would like to work together on this please contact me!
Sincerely, The broke college girl who misses the 90s.
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