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Want to Buy Seeking1960's Batman Outfit Rental Especially Cowl and Batarang

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by ringold83, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. ringold83

    ringold83 New Member

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    Brand new to this site. I attend a large costume party every year (and often win best costume and/or performer). I have access to a Rubies Batman costume, but I do not like the way the cowl fits. I am hoping to rent one of these amazing cowl's I have seen. I am happy to provide references for costume rentals if needed (multiple local stores know me well). I am also seeking a Batarang to rent (or purchase based on the price). Since this is for a one-time occasion, I can't justify the large, though well deserved, price tag attached to a purchase. I hope to hear form you soon.

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  2. kialna

    kialna Sr Member

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    Do you usually rent suits?
  3. ringold83

    ringold83 New Member

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    Yes. I have rented suits for the Penguin, Fat Bastard, Big Boy, and many others.

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