Seeking opinions: Most reputable maker(s) of Star Trek: TNG Uniforms...

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So, I have stumbled onto threads with folks discussing serious issues with both Shadow Dale Creations and*

With that in mind, can anyone recommend someone talented and reliable to create a Next Generation Dress uniform?

Many thanks!
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Re: Looking for someone to make me a Star Trek: TNG Uniform...

If you can wait a bit, ANOVOS is going to do both TNG (Later seasons) duty uniforms (the prototype of which looks dead right!!!), and TNG movie uniforms. I don't kmow what their plans are for a TNG dress uniform, but I would imagine that they'll eventually do a TNG movie era mess dress uniform as that's a very popular uniform.

Oh, and as for the claim that the TNG duty uniform prototype was dead of these is their prototype, one is a screen used hero "Riker".


Which is which? Oh, and everybody who actually know who you are...shut up.
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Re: Looking for someone to make me a Star Trek: TNG Uniform...

Those do look awesome! Any word on just when ANOVOS will open the window for ordering these? Specifically, I'm wondering if I can obtain one of these before Dragon*Con later this year...
Re: Looking for someone to make me a Star Trek: TNG Uniform...

I'm waiting to hear on these too... but I wouldn't hold my breath. The quality and research that goes into Anovos' costumes is unsurpassed... but as such, takes a while to get to the market.

The TOS line was announced the year before the order window opened and then it took 7 or 8 months for people to receive them.

The good news about that is that you have time to save up for one... because they'll probably run more expensive than the TOS tunics (that's just my guess based on the materials of construction and possibility of included pants).

But basically, I wouldn't bank on getting them by August.
So good news!

From Anovos' latest newsletter:

Oh, and for those of you asking... we will be coming out with The Next Generation uniforms beginning in March, and we'll have a more detailed announcement on that in the coming weeks!
I hope they sell the pants! Otherwise, it might be problematic to find pants that perfectly match the uniform top in color and/or texture.

According to the email they sent me a couple of weeks ago, they plan to start taking orders sometime this month!
The original pants didn't match the tops, so that's not so much a problem, but there are a lot of details they'll be matching. Personally, I just want a mustard uniform top, and I hope the ordering window lines up with me not being broke.
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