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    Hi All,

    I started checking this site out because I have this idea of having a gun display cabinet but with all different scifi pistols in it. I've been searching for models for different ones I like and hope to eventually have enough of a collection to make a nice display out of.

    I've worked with models and scratch building all my life, but I never tried replicating gun props before. (I've made one or two of my own, but nothing where you are trying to replicate the look of an actual prop.)

    Anyway, I've made a long list of ones I want to do. Some will be pretty easy, others will take some time. I thought I'd start with my first entry into the collection. A Seburo M5 pistol from the show Ghost in the Shell: stand alone complex. It is a pretty simple purchased resin kit. I just needed to fill some spots, sand and paint, but I think it will make a nice addition to the collection. And it didn't get me bogged down and feeling like I will never finish it like I am sure some of the more complicated ones I want to do will make me feel like.

    So here is my start to prop pistol making:




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