Sebastian's Chess Set (Blade Runner, Great Birds)


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Guys, thank you for all of the hundreds messages about a chess set, lol. It looks like one may be able to be released soon(-ish, not in my control). :) We are working out all the details now. My repaired/re-sculpted master castings of originals have been sent off... We might be also including some extras...but I can't say anything more at this time...for obvious reasons-other than to say copyright has been finally procured (not by me, the company I am helping with this). They will offer them for sale. I have no interest in making them myself-I'm just helping make them available to the community.
Please stay tuned for updates...I will post anything I know here (including a link when they are available). I cannot guarantee a spot or anything else, because I am not the one making them...
________________________________________Update 07JUL20______________________________________________________

OK, I have permission to spill part of the beans, finally.
But before I do, please know this is not a normal interest thread in that I am not making them, and am not doing a list here (or anywhere else) of people who will get set. When they are available, I'll let you guys know the same please don't contact me for updates...I promise I'll post here when any new info is available. I'll post a link to their site when available.
I have repaired my original set (even to go so far as to grind a custom tool to match the original tool marks where repairs need to be made).
I have sent them to the people who are going to sell them in their store and online (I am hesitant to say who it is lest they are barraged with inquiries).
The manufacturer has been selected by them, and an agreement has been reached.
We are putting together an initial limited edition run which will come with at least a booklet with the history of the set, etc.
I am a product photographer, and after the first set is approved, it looks like I will be taking the images for the box/advertising/pamphlet, etc.
Looks like it will be well under $300, but not sure yet. Full sets as far as I know.

_____________________________________Update 17JUL20____________________________________________________________

Price should be around $250+shipping...we are also writing a little history of the set. I am working with Phil from Hoyle's to get it perfect. Please be wary of people passing the newer sculpts around as originals. They can be had for $50.00 on Etsy. Don't waste your money!

_____________________________________Update 14AUG20____________________________________________________________

Here is more info on the set: History

_____________________________________Update 16AUG20____________________________________________________________

Here is a purchase link:
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Sorry for the bad iphone pics. Just what I had in messages, and re-downloaded so I could post this quick as I am running to the auto-shop.
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Is this going to be same set that Gordon Gekko did a run for a few years ago?

Gordon's set was a set he made using photogrammetry made from my images, 3D printed, and then cast. These are made from casts from originals that I repaired and re-sculpted parts of.

It took weeks to get it as perfect as I could, I even ground down a clay sculpting tool to match the original tool marks.
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Here is JUST A SNAPSHOT It's dirty, no lighting, etc.) of one of the rejects from the group of proofs I sent to them to show you the detail. These are not 3D printed. Any bubbles on the piece are from the original chess piece from the 80's, not from my work. We decided to leave in the small ones as that is exactly what you would have gotten at the time of first manufacture.



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Depending on price I would be interested. Also out of curiosity, would there be individual pieces or rejects for sale, for those who have slightly less available funds for a full set? Totally understand if not :)

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