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Hi guys, I have an entertainment stand that has 2 glass doors on the front to hold your electronics, I have moved over to a sound bar and digital media so it is now empty. I am trying to think of something to use the space for. Since there are glass doors I could put something in and make a cool lit display. My initial thought was an aquarium, but to be honest I don't want a load of fish I need to care for lol.

So im asking the experts, what do you think? The dimensions are 36" L x 20" H with a depth of 20" what would you do with this space?



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This stand looks a lot like my brother's. When we placed some of his models and figures we noticed that they did not impress due to lack of lighting. It really makes a difference. As far as suggestions go I have a sweet 1/72 Star Wars fighter kit collection (including the Falcon) from FM and other manufacturers on a shelf with more or less the same space. I wouldn't recommend Star Trek Kits because they tend to require more space.
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