Sean Young personal pics taken during Bladerunner


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Not sure if anyone here has seen these, found them via Boing Boing. They are a collection of her personal photos taken during the Blade runner shoot.
More slice of life than anything else.

A bunch of photos of her in other movies too.


oops here's the link :$
15. Polaroids
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Honestly, the second, third and the fifth pictures on the first row actually look more like continuity pictures than looking like person pictures. After having to have been on a couple of film sets, most of them take pictures of the actor's face and upper torso to make sure that the continuity of the scene or multiple scenes (if one takes more than one day to shoot or one scene is meant to be a few hours later at another spot) is preserved.

But still, those are some nice photos.
Out of curiousity, I just wiki'd her, and she seemed to have some serious issues. :confused It sounds like she was up for many larger roles but she got in the way of her own career...
William Katt has some great stories about their work together on the movie "Baby" - nothing negative, just funny. I do remember when she showed up to Warner Brothers pissed because she wasn't cast as Catwoman
haha Maybe she grabbed down below or something? That expression is priceless.

:lol :thumbsup

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