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Sean Astin Interview: Sean on Hollywood Treasure premier

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by MoviePropCollector, May 15, 2012.

  1. MoviePropCollector

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    I had the pleasure to interview actor Sean Astin at C2E2 and he took the time to give fans a sneak preview on his upcoming SyFy Hollywood Treasure premier on May 22nd.


    It is a video so those who wish to see it can see it on MoviePropCollectors or YouTube.
  2. Jedifyfe

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    Sean's a great guy. I got to meet him a year or two ago. I wonder if he is going to talk about when his mom through out the Goonies map he had???
  3. MoviePropCollector

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    Sean said a few things in the interview I did with him, but he wanted to save the details so those tuning in would be surprised.

    I think everyone who watches will enjoy the episode which is on SyFy May 22nd at 10/9c.
  4. Alan Cross

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    Sean co-starred in a TV sitcom pilot I wrote back in 1996. Nice guy. The other guy in the pilot was Mark (The Hulk) Ruffalo. Who almost didn't get the part because the casting director at the WB (!) didn't think he was a star.

    Yes, they were THAT stupid. Mark is great. Sean was awesome. Pilot never got picked up to series.

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