Seamstresses pattern for Captain Mal's Browncoat


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Afternoon all,
I was wondering if anyone can advise me, and therefore my seamstress, where I could get a pattern for Mal's Browncoat. I am looking to have one made for the London film and comicon in July. We have looked everywhere and the closest that we can find is the Simplicity 2581 or 4916 patterns but getting them is another matter lol. Any ideas?
Also, looking for an approximate clasp for the jacket.
As I am Scottish I will be looking into an independence unit from the outer planet of Aberdeen and will wear a brown utility kilt with it,boots and high piper socks. Thoughts?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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OK, got a little worried when I couldn't find it. Fortunately, my tendency to have redundant backups saved my bacon. It's basically a line drawing of the picture in the visual companion, but a competent seamstress should be able to draft a pattern from it fairly easily. Then again, I'm a zookeeper, not a sewing expert, so there's that. My plan is to put it in something like illustrator and edit it to my measurements and base my pattern on that. Keep in mind that few plans rarely survive initial contact with the enemy. ;)

Anyway, here's a link to the pic and you can see what I'm on about.
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