Sealing PAX Paint on a Latex Mask?


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Hey, so I'm short on time and currently my only option to paint a latex mask is to use pax paint. I haven't seen anyone mention how to seal it though, other than to apply cornstarch/baby powder to the outside in a similar fashion to how you would powder the inside after a casting. What I'm wondering is if this is really enough, or is it better to use something else like the liquitex finishing medium I've seen people use for the latex paint technique and rubber cement paint technique?

Tony Hardy

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Pax paint is fine for latex. I mix my own with 50% pros-aide and 50% acrylic paint. Once it sets you don't necessarily require a sealer, but you could just clear coat it by brushing on a light coat of pros-aide. Once set, it will give your piece a glossy look, but you can powder it down. If you're in a hurry, you can always use a blow dryer to speed up the setting time.


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I mix Liquitex medium with prosaide in the same ratio you would for pax (medium instead of paint) and seal with that.
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