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    I've painted a latex mask with acrylic paint mixed with latex for the first 2-3 layers, then I went back with just straight acrylic thinned down with alcohol in an airbrush. It looks great, but I noticed that if I handle the pieces very rough it will rub off. Is there any way to seal it to keep it from doing that? It's a costume so it will get some wear and tear while trying to put it on.
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    I typically use Liquitex Gloss or Matte medium. Thin with distilled water and you can spray it through your airbrush.

    A lot of people use Monstermakers Permawet but it is exactly the same as Liquitex's gloss medium.

    Alternatively you could use clear plastidip. I've not personally used this method but a few Indy mask makers I know swear by it.
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    what he said is bettr but you can also use kryolan crystal clear or dull spray
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    The Kryolan isn't flexible though is it? Some of my pieces stretch a good bit to put them on.
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    [TD="class: _51m- vTop _5ep6"]I have few questions and I hope someone can help me.

    1. Can I use Liquitex professional matte varnish with a brush on a burlap textured latex mask that I have painted with latex and acrylic paints to seal the paint permanently? (The Liquitex product says permanent and water resistant)

    2. Would the matte varnish make a dry burlap textured mask overly matte or would it not ruin it at all?

    3. The inside of the latex mask has a lot of friction on my hair and it tries to pull at it whenever it comes in contact with it, what could I use to seal the inside and make it so it has no pull on my hair and make it permanently slippery?[/TD]

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