SDCC- MIB, Cowboys & Aliens, Warehouse 13 +


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So looking thru some of the replica companies sites I noticed ...

Factory Entertainment now has the Men In Black License and the Cowboys & Aliens license and will be displaying props at this years SDCC. Nueralyzers, blasters, Jakes gauntlet, etc.

QMX has posted pics of the Tesla and a bunch of Farnsworths that are going to be there. The Farnsworths look the same as the Artisan ones so I hope I don't feel cheated if these are now better or cheaper. QMX is also giving tours of their prop museum if you schedule a visit.
for the love of everything holy in this small universe. please tell me you are doing MIB 1 and 2 stuff. J2 would be a great replica (HINT) lolol. can't wait to see what you guys have on display. so excited right now!!!!!!!
MIB, very interesting indeed.. The email Factory Entertainment send out made it seem like their going to be doing Original MIB Replicas, they stated that there will be MIB Props featured at Comic-Con.

If that's true, these could turn out to be some very nice pieces. As long as the fine detail and materials aren't lacking of course.

they also showed a bunch of 007 stuff last year that they don't appear to be making any time soon. unless they announce it this year! Would love to see a goldeneye device.
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