Sculpting & Molding Question [allosaur176's query]


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i'm just about done sculpting my own bio-helmet, being that the clay i'm using doesn't dry, what would be the best way to make a mold of it??? I'm assuming using latex or something flexable of that nature....Any idea's??
Tim, if you're going to use resin or any type of liquid plastic to make the final version, use silicone. It's flexible and you don't need a release agent. That's what I'm going to use.

Good luck.
actually, that was my post, just in the wrong section, but thanks for the advice.... where would i find this silicone??? I'm pretty much new at all this...Thanks in advance


(GI-1000 is the type many prop guys swear by--1:10 ratio, you need an oz. scale to measure it correctly).

BTW, you can order on-line from smoothon, but you have to call the silicones inc. people to place an order. They're based in NC and are pretty friendly to deal with.

Good luck.
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