Sculpting Deathstroke


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I was already a fan of Deathstroke, but then I read a story about him taking on the entire Justice League...and winning for a time....
That prompted me to try to sculpt his mask, but I wanted it to be darker, more menacing/ferocious/cold like the man.

I'm new to sculpting but the goal is to get it to a printable state.

Here's what I have so far:


And a quick mock up of how I'll paint it:


The mask, when done, will be the main front piece and a smaller back of the head piece, joined by straps...or buckles...or something. Not entirely sure yet.
Also, I think it needs more. Something on the sides, or more tech along the jaw....thoughts?



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Nice design. Love the skull effect that you did on the right side. I would love to see an alternate one with the both sides looking like the right side but the left eye blackened or covered over so the black side has a skull effect also. Awesome work non the less.


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That looks sick! It kind of has a Punisher look with the slender jaw that goes down. I absolutely love what you're doing with that, can't wait for more updates!


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Thanks. I did the skull only on one side for two reasons; 1 being the visual impact when turning my head and 2 being a hard sell on the only "only need one eye to kill you anyway" type vibe of Deathstroke.

Thank you.

I toyed with adding..*more* the sculpt. Tech bits and extruded plating etc.
In the end I prefer it the way it is, sleek, ninja like.

The two pieces will be joined by visible strapping when worn, and I modeled in a rear hole/post to tie in the long ponytail/headband/material pieces.
So I think i'll call this done and move on to trying to either print it myself or put it up on Shapeways

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Got my print back from Shapeways.


Overall, pretty amazed (its my first time having something printed)
It is still a bit 'powdery' and such so I assume it needs cleaning then sanding etc before i paint it.

Also, I should've done it maybe 0.5 - 1" bigger overall. Its a bit small.
It fits for the most part save for the deep cheek parts colliding with mine.
I think what I'll do is trim it down into more of a mask rather than a full front head covering.
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