sculpting clay


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the casting materials you're planning on using are irrelevant to the clay type.

you don't cast on the sculpt. You have to mold the sculpt first.

I think you should be concerned with the molding material you're going to use and how it reacts to the clay types.


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If you want to make duplicates out of fiberglass or resin you need to paint your sculpt with rebound25 1/4 inch thick then cover it with plasti paste. Really should watch some smoothon guts. Just go to


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does anyone have a recommendation on where and what type of clay I should start with. I have someone to do the molding and casting for me.... sounds like I should not get anything with sulfer


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Chavant is always a good choice, chavant NSP medium (oil based) is a nice one to use or WED clay if you want to go water based (useful for bigger pieces)
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