sculpting a realistic mask eye sockets


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I want to sculpt a realistic mask to cast in silicone but want to get some tips on the eye
holes, to fit against your own eyes to look right when wearing it, as a sculpt for just display
would not fit tight tight if I sculpt the eye sockets lifelike, they will stand proud of my own
eyes looking unnatural :cool
If you can try to sculpt in the tear ducts, this gets covered in a lot of masks and takes away from the realism of the sculpt.
The reason the eye sockets look off and unrealistic in almost all masks is because the sculpt is built up over the lifecast or armature but the eyes stay the same depth. The finished mask will always have deeper eye sockets and look slightly off compared to real life. If it is going to be a display only mask, you could sculpt in the eyes so they are the correct depth.
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