Sculpting a mask


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Hey gang,
Well I've decided to attempt to sculpt a predator mask based on my concepts. Friday night I slapped the clay onto the mannequin head and tonight I shaped it abit.
Wanna get the general shape done 1st before I try tackle the detail work. Wish me luck




Off to a great start B :)
I like the crown it reminds me of a Triceratops.could this be a Cavepred?
:lol: :lol:
My hat off to ya for joining the sculptor ranks not only with your bios but with a mask now :p
nice bryan! looks like all the general shapes are there man!!
your symmetry is looking really good too.
remember when you considered flying me out! now look at you.
Daaaamn BRyan! That is an amazing start! I can already see the aggression coming out with just the basic sculpt. This is going to be one gnarly ass head!!! Do you plan on doing pulls of it or is it just a personal project you are trying? I can't wait to see this bad boy evolve!!!
Solid start, brother! I agree with the dinosaur comment; I had the same thought. Love it. Kind of the style I want to go (Horned Lizard). Would love to see the concepts, as well. Keep slapping, brother!
Your managing to do one hell of a lethal job on that thing big brotha! well done, i saw the pics on photobucket. Could this perhaps be Bloodclaws face? judging from the brow, this pred is lookin' mega-pissed off. :p
Well thats better, yeah yeah im a stuck record. more sculpts cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. :)

Not sure about where the jaw line ends Bryan, think it could maybe go backwards a inch or so. but otherwise a pretty unique looking beasty you got going there buddy
Thanks guys.
Here's the side profile pics


Am gonna playt with the clay for the next 2 or 3 hrs and see what happens.
I did take some size comparison pics of it along with the 1st spare mask I could grab which was Scott elder, ps yes the mandibles are v long...


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